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Product Information

How big is Playaway View and how much content can it hold?
Each Playaway View® weighs only 5.4 ounces, is comparable in size to a GPS navigation device, and will hold multiple hours of video content.
What is the video quality like on Playaway View?
The video quality of Playaway View is comparable or better than what you would typically find on most mobile media devices featuring digital video content.
Do I need to use headphones with Playaway View?
Playaway View is equipped with an external speaker so headphones are not required. However, Playaway View does include a universal headphone jack, designed to work with almost any type of headphone. The choice is yours.
What kind of battery powers Playaway View?
Playaway View is powered by an internal lithium ion rechargeable battery that can't be accessed or taken out of the player by the end user. Learn more about safety information.
Why can't I add, delete or transfer content on or from Playaway View?
In order to protect the copyrighted works, you are unable to make copies of content on Playaway View.
Where can I buy Playaway View?
Playaway View is available exclusively to libraries.
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Using Playaway View

Where can I get basic information on how to use Playaway View?
Check out the Using Playaway View section of this website for more detailed information on using Playaway View.
How long should it take for Playaway View to turn on and off?
After pressing the power button, it could take up to 20 seconds for Playaway View to load and display the menu screen.
The exception is when Playaway View is in standby mode, which allows you to instantly turn on the player by pressing the Power button. Standby mode is initialized every time you turn off the player (or after 2 minutes of non-use when paused or on the menu screen) and will last for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the player will fully power itself down to preserve battery life.
To turn the player off, press and hold the Power button for three seconds until the screen goes dark.
Is there a quick way to reset Playaway View to the beginning?
Press the Forward and Reverse buttons simultaneously while on the menu screen until the unit powers off (approximately 5 seconds). Press Power and Play to start at the beginning.
How do I know how much battery life is left on Playaway View?
A battery level icon will be visible on the menu screen. When approximately 10% of battery life remains, a low battery icon will begin flashing on the screen during play mode. When the player requires a charge, a low battery symbol will display on the entire screen and shutdown. For more information on the battery levels, please reference our Using Playaway View section.
How do I charge Playaway View?
Please use the AC Adaptor included with the player or another charger with a mini USB connection. This includes standard AC adaptors that are plugged into electrical outlets or travel chargers.
How long does it take to achieve a full charge if the battery is drained?
It should take approximately 4 hours to achieve a full battery charge. When they player is actively charging, a charging symbol will appear in the middle of a green battery icon. When the player is fully charged, the charging symbol will disappear from the battery icon.
Can I watch Playaway View while it's charging?
Can I lock Playaway View's buttons so my child can't alter the volume or play mode once it's playing?
By pressing the following button at the same time, Playaway View can easily be locked/unlocked.
Press Home + Volume Down: Lock/Unlock Icons
How can Playaway View be cleaned?
A microfiber cloth is recommended for cleaning fingerprints. If desired, you may also use a small, damp sanitizing wipe to clean the body and screen of Playaway View.
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Tips & Tricks

Why won't Playaway View turn on?
If the Power does not turn on, you may need to charge the player. Simply use the AC Adaptor included with the player or another charger with a mini USB connection. You may also want to try rebooting the player.
How do I reboot Playaway View?
Insert the end of a paper clip into the hole at the bottom of the player to reboot. Be sure not to use excessive force; instead, push only until a small 'click' is felt. Press Power to turn the player back on.
What do I do if I need help?
As always, our Customer Service team is available to help you with any additional questions and can be reached at (877) 893-0808 or
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Who is the company behind the product?
Findaway, a privately-held company based in Cleveland, Ohio, created Playaway® and Playaway View® to provide simple and immediate access to digital content. Learn more about Findaway.
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