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Using Playaway Launchpad

Launchpad device layout

Powering On/Off

To turn on, hold down power button for 3 seconds (located on the right hand side)

To put in standby mode, press power button one time briefly. This will help preserve your battery power.

To turn off, hold down power button for 3 seconds.

Navigating Launchpad

apps icon App menu screen

avatar icon Customize your avatar by redeeming discovery points

parent icon Visit informational console to view “Play Analytics”

Use the Android navigation bar to exit apps or return to home page. To make Android navigation bar appear, touch bottom of screen.

return button icon Exit current screen or “go back”

home button icon Return to home page (Reset or continue as current user)


Not turning on?
Your Launchpad needs a power boost. Charge for five minutes using the provided power cord.
Need more help?
Please contact or 877.893.0808